Our Company


Dream Foods International specializes in award-winning organic citrus juices and natural ethnic foods. The company began bottling juices near the Mt. Etna volcano in Sicily where we work with local growers and artisan factories to batch produce our juices for distribution across North America, Canada, and Mexico. Hundreds of years ago, nestled along the slopes of Mount Etna, Sicilian farmers began growing sweet citrus. The fruit was unique because the ecological balance of the coastal breezes, volcanic soil and warm sun gave the fruit an excellent quality. For centuries, citrus has been a staple of Italian life and the prized flavor has made it a favorite of chefs around the world. Today, Italian Volcano® Juice is available at your local market.


All of the citrus fruit used to make our juices is harvested by hand and processed immediately. Our products are organic, non-GMO, Kosher and made with not-from-concentrate juices. We have intimate knowledge of organic citrus, from the farm to the supermarket. We spend time every year at Sicilian citrus farms to better understand seasonal variations as well as the environmental affects that the active Mt. Etna Volcano has on citrus.


Dream Foods International is a member of the NASFT, Produce Marketing Association, Organic Trade Association, and many regional produce councils. The company’s products have received recognition in SELF Magazine, The New York Times, Boston Herald, La Cucina Italiana, Beverage World, Today’s Grocer, the Jewish Press and other publications as well as on national radio shows.



The company was founded in 1998 and began by importing fresh blood oranges (Volcano® Oranges) into the United States. In response to volcanic activity at Mt. Etna in 2003, which affected fresh oranges, the company introduced an organic blood orange juice called Italian Volcano® Orange Juice. Made in the traditional manner of “Succo di Arancia Rossa,” this organic product immediately became the first blood orange juice in national distribution. This was followed by organic tangerine and lemon juice, and then lemonade and limeade. The company also introduced the first organic versions of the widely recognized lemon and lime squeeze bottles under the brand Volcano Lemon Burst® and Volcano Lime Burst®. The lemon and lime squeeze bottles received national recognition because of the high quality of the flavor resulting from the innovative inclusion of essential oils (zest) in the product cap. Organic citrus juices can be used in a variety of dishes. They provide excellent flavor to meat, poultry and fish sauces, vegetable reductions, rices and salads. They add pizzazz to desserts and provide show stoppers as sorbet cups and in cocktails.



The Casa Mexicana brand joined the Dream Foods product line in 2014. It’s all-natural and authentic Mexican made easy products include taco seasoning mixes and boxed rice. They are easy to prepare and made from authentic recipes of Mexico with mouth-watering flavors and aromas. Unlike any other seasoning mixes on the market, Casa Mexicana makes it easy for anyone to get the robust, true flavors of Mexico without the guesswork of mixing spices and the labor of all-day cooking.


We regularly donate our juices to support charities which address hunger in America.