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Dream Foods International

Organic Juices



Italian Volcano® Lemon  and Lime Juice are 100% juice. Our Italian Volcano Lemon® Juice contains 40 organic Sicilian lemons per liter with no preservatives. Grown in volcanic rich soil near Mt. Etna, our lemon juice always tastes fresh whether you're adding a little zing to dinner or to a cocktail! Our Italian Volcano Lime® Juice is made with the same care and brings the tart refreshing flavor you crave!

While other bottled juice has an “old” flavor when opened and are just used for convenience, our Volcano Juices are both convenient to have on hand and have unmatched fresh citrus flavor. All the citrus fruits used in the production of the juice are harvested by hand and processed immediately to ensure the freshest product possible. You’ll taste the difference!




Our Bursts come directly from the lemon groves near the Mt. Etna Volcano in Sicily, on the Mediterranean coast. In 1965 two friends native to the island decided to capture the unique flavor of their organic lemons for the world to taste. They developed an exclusive compartment on top of the squeeze bottle, containing the zest of the lemon oil from the peel. The lemon oil adds an additional zesty burst of flavor, as well as a fresh aroma to each squeeze.  Now we've added to that great idea and bring to you that same burst of citrus with two other flavors, Lime and Lemon Ginger. Whether it be a convenient squeeze of Lime in your cocktail or a dash of Lemon Ginger in your tea, you’re sure to love that extra burst!


Zesty lemon juice offer fresh tart juice that tastes like it's right off the tree!  Conveniently bottled for easy use and that zesty flavor you crave. 100% juice made from 35 lemons in every bottle!


Made with 100% juice, our Zesty! Lemon and Lime Squeezes are convenient and provide a burst of fresh juice sure to complement any beverage or recipe.

Dream Foods Quality

Innovation and quality is in our DNA.  With an impressive family products both from Italy, Europe, and the United States we know you'll be excited to try them all!

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