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Dream Foods Int.



The Dream Foods International company came into being in 1998 and began by importing fresh citrus juices harvested from the volcanic rich soils at the base of Mt. Etna into the United States. The company introduced the first organic versions of the widely recognized lemon and lime squeeze bottles under the brand Volcano Lemon Burst® and Volcano Lime Burst® and in 2020 added Volcano Lemon Ginger Burst® to our family of products. The squeeze bottles received national recognition because of the high quality of the flavor resulting from the innovative inclusion of essential oils (zest) in the product cap. Organic citrus juices can be used in a variety of dishes. They provide excellent flavor to meat, poultry and fish sauces, vegetable reductions, rices and salads. They add pizzazz to desserts and provide show stoppers as sorbet cups and in cocktails.

The Casa Mexicana brand joined the Dream Foods product line in 2014. It’s all-natural and authentic Mexican made easy products include taco seasoning mixes and boxed rice. They are easy to prepare and made from authentic recipes of Mexico with mouth-watering flavors and aromas. Unlike any other seasoning mixes on the market, Casa Mexicana is all natural and makes it easy for anyone to get the robust, true flavors of Mexico without the guesswork of mixing spices and the labor of all-day cooking.

Our Juices

Dream Foods International has been a leader in the production and sale of organic juices from our very start!  With our unparalleled quality and commitment to bringing you the best citrus flavor, we now offer both organic and conventional options to fit your needs.

Dream Foods Quality Products
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Italian Volcano

Italian Volcano® Lemon Juice is 100% juice with no preservatives.  Grown in volcanic rich soil near Mt. Etna, our lemon juice always tastes fresh whether you're adding a little zing to dinner or a cocktail!

Volcano Lemon & Lime Bursts

Our Bursts come directly from the lemon groves near the Mt. Etna Volcano in Sicily, on the Mediterranean coast. Our innovative design has essential oils in the cap to provide you with that extra zing!

Zesty Lemon & Lime

Zesty lemon juice offer fresh tart juice that taste's like it's right off the tree!  Conveniently bottled for easy use and that zesty flavor we all crave. 

Casa Mexican Seasonings

Enjoy the authentic recipes of Mexico with Casa Mexicana™ seasoning mixes – delicious, true flavors that are all-natural and easy to prepare! Always great tasting and with no preservatives or MSG, you can now take home all your favorite flavors from south of the border.

Casa Mexican Rice

All our Casa Mexicana Rice Mixes are the perfect answer for adding a unique and delicious side dish to any of your meals! Made with no MSG, hydronated oils, or preservatives, this rice comes out perfect and fluffy every time.  What's your favorite flavor for kicking up dinner?

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